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At the Test Center

So, the big day had arrived, here is a few tips and what you should make sure you bring with you.

Don't forget to bring both parts of your Provisional Driving License, your letter from the DSA confirming you test time and your Theory Test Certificate.

Things to remember for your test.

   * Try and get a good night's sleep. Not easy I know.
   * Don't forget all your documents.
   * Glasses If you wear them
   * A bottle of water.

We should arrive about 15 minutes before you appointment and wait in the waiting area for the examiner. He or she will arrive bang on time (normally), call you name and ask to see both parts of your provisional driving license. Sometimes they will also ask to see you Theory Test certificate but not always. Once they have checked you License they will ask you see read and sign drivers declaration then ask you where the car is parked.


Click to see a full copy of the Test Sheet

When you are outside he will introduce him or herself ask you read a number plate at a distance of about 60 feet or so. If you wear glasses make sure you have them with you. then he will ask you to lead the way to your car then he will normally ask you to open the bonnet and answer 1 of the questions we have covered during the SHOW ME TELL ME part of the lesson. Then he will ask you 1 of the other questions we have covered.

Once you have answered these he ask you to get into the car and get yourself comfortable. when you're in the car go through the Cockpit Drill again making final adjustments to the mirrors and don't forget to put your SEATBELT on before driving off. While you're doing this the examiner will do a few checks around the car and then get in.

Then the examiner will explain what will happen during the next 40 minutes or so of which 20 minutes could be following directions from a SatNav or following signs to a destination.

Don't forget these points.

•  Unless you are told otherwise you should drive straight ahead at junction, if the examiner wants you to turn he will tell you in good time.

•  Try and remember all the procedures we have learnt.

•  Don't forget your observations whilst doing the manoeuvres.

•  If you make a silly mistake, it's not the end of your test, forget it and concentrate 100% on the next thing you're asked to do.

•  You can make up to 15 mistakes during your test.

•  The examiner isn't there to catch you with any trick questions, if you're driving well they will normally try and help you. Trust me on this.

When you arrive back at the test Center the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or not and then he will offer to give you a debrief. If you would like me to be present at the debrief then ask the examiner if you can call me over, I won't be far away anyway.

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